Photoshoot with Dallas Aguilera

I had such a wonderful time doing this photoshoot with Dallas last weekend!

Here are some of our favorite shots!

Thanks again to Dallas for reaching out to me to get these shots done. It is refreshing (and a little bit nerve-wracking) to be in front of the camera this time; grateful for his great eye and skill that made me feel way more comfortable!

I asked Dallas what his vision was for this shoot, and he confided in me that he was wanting to go for a more old-school feel. Tying in the mixed textures from the downtown S.O.B. (Streets of Bakersfield), the 100+ y.o. homes, as well as the satin, suede, and felt of my outfit, we hoped these images would give off a timeless & classic feel. How do you think we did?

You can follow Dallas on Instagram @dallasryan; bookings are now available for 2020!