Taylyn Grace Cogswell is a junior enrolled in the Boise State Honors college and is currently pursuing a degree in Media Arts with an emphasis on Journalism. She hails from the state of California and is currently establishing an academic and professional presence in the Treasure Valley here in Boise, Idaho.

Cogswell has an extensive digital repertoire of work that includes articles about world travel, the limitations of free speech, the pitfalls of the current media landscape, how film affects socialization and more. As a photographer, she often utilizes the multimedia tools at her disposal to create full-length videos and photo essays that contain original interviews, images, and narration all of which are synthesized on her portfolio webpage.

Cogswell has an affinity for travel, history and world cultures and has her sights set on joining the Atlas Obscura team as a traveling photojournalist for their future online and print publications. Cogswell can also see herself transitioning into the entertainment industry as a writer, script coordinator or perhaps a documentary filmmaker in the future.