Web Design

Here are just a few examples of the sites I have created (besides this one) in the last year for both business and portfolio purposes!

  • Portfolio Webpage for Greyson Gunner, Actor, Director, & Screenwriter for the purpose of cumulating IMDb bio, headshots, demo reels/footage, promotional photographs, and a blog.
The homepage for greysongunner.com featuring an original logo and icon design. Greyson’s website acts as a stylized portfolio page to showcase his demo reels, headshots, BTS musings and so much more. It is also a highly personalized based on his love of Edgar Allen Poe and high fashion.
Alongside individual pages, Greyson’s site contains a continuous scroll homepage which allows visitors to get to know Greyson and his most recent work in a quick, efficient way without the added hassle of navigating the site.
Pages such as the Reels page on the Greyson Gunner site are clean, easy to navigate and allow his site visitors to dig deeper into his previous clips, photoshoots, and more.
  • Business Webpage for the upcoming So TANacious spray tanning salon in Bakersfield, California. This site intended to cumulate business address & pricing, facilitate scheduling & appointments, as well as deliver the company’s core message as well as any upcoming promotional deals and/or discounts.
The So TAN page features a static homepage with vital contact/booking information alongside a brief business description.
Individual pages on the sotanacious.com webpage offer more detailed insight into the business, the services offered, location, booking info, and the company’s mission. The FAQ & Forms page, in particular, contains my originally designed forms and infographics in downloadable/printable and email-friendly PDF formats for prospective clients.
  • Business/Portfolio Webpage for Kim Jenkins, Photographer, based in California for the purposes of facilitating contact with Kim and scheduling event photography. We will soon be adding an e-commerce store for selling prints of his artistic photography.
The Kim Jenkins Photography website functions primarily as an online gallery with important booking/contact information on the static homepage.

Among these, I have also helped create other sites and marketing materials for various companies & entrepreneurs in addition to providing original photos upon request.

A few other screenshots from relevant work:

If you would like to reach me to discuss your ideas for your own webpage, business cards, flyers, infographics, or any other marketing materials please contact me at [email protected], so I can send you over my Questionnaire and FAQ sheet! I can’t wait to work with you!

Thanks for reading,

xoxo Taylyn